Welcome to my Simple Blog

Hey guys this is my first time creating a blog so right now I will start talking about myself and the reason why I created a blog.

My name is Debbie Perez and I live in Scotland,right in the capital .Although I’m not from there I am temporarily there for academic purposes. I won a scholarship from my the country where I was born( Angola).In case some of you never heard is in Africa in the south of the continent.

I have been living in Scotland two years from now and I have to say I cant stop missing my country in all possible aspects such as relatives, friends and especially the weather. I used to complain about how hot it was and the way is so noisy in the morning due to the traffic which made my parents and I woke up early to go to work and school. But still is better than dealing with such a changeable and rainy weather.I wonder if people from Scotland really know the meaning of Summer? Come on is it really Summer not going out without at least a single coat?

No wonder they prefer going to other European countries.I’m telling you is not easy at it seems.I wont get use to it and the worst part is that I’m just in the beginning.

I have finished college recently which means I’m waiting for the results so I will be able to enter at University.I still have five years more in case of a Meng Degree or four if I choose Beng.In either case is still early to decide.

I have never even considered the idea of having a blog but right now Im in holidays and I guess Im tired of going to the gym or waiting till my results are released.I created this blog to share experiences with other people,trade advices regarding different topics of life and also as a hobby.

So every moment I can I will try to give a different topic but right now I would like to know if you have any topics in mind to discuss.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Simple Blog

    1. 😊 Hey Freda thanks so much and I am looking forward to exchange ideas and experiences with people with the same hobbies like me.Is such a coincidence😅 that your hubby worked there I bet if he goes back now he wont recognise it anymore each day is improving☺

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  1. Hey Debbie, it’s so nice to meet you! 🙂 You have a lovely blog!
    Look forward to more posts & hear about all your experiences in Scotland!
    Hannah 🙂


    1. Hey Hannah thanks for the compliment and stopping by.I will write a post about Scotland very soon and share my experiences about living in such a quiet and amazing country😍😍 despite the weather

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