How to cope with different types of friendhip

When I was younger I thought there was one type of friendship I mean the real one that last forever where you can make all kinds of promises or plan ideas together. Little did I knew that not everything turned the way you expect. On the contrary sometimes life give us challenges to test every person you came across and to prove if you really should rely on them.

To begin with the first type of friendship I knew true friendship at least until know we have not broken up this strong union we have. It started few years ago when I was in elementary school I met three girls with a strong and genuine character that help me overcome my fears of living in a new place. Since that moment we manage being together despite the distance and different paths we eventually choose.

In high school I get to experience temporarily friendship or the so “friends with benefits”.  I guess they look similar cause in each case they both need you for something and only until you do what they ask you. However the first moment I knew the meaning of temporarily friendship was during high school only a few years ago..This boys and girls that were from my class they use to hang with us(me and my friends) only in special occasions(parties) besides that they only had an excuse not to appear. Is amazing the way people only appear when they need you, I mean what about when you need? I had to learn how to deal with them but after high school ended every one of them vanish eventually. Because they did not have any business to have with you. “Friends with benefits”  is in a different context of the one that you usually expect. At least in this case you get something in an exchange. For example I use to have friends that I always called to go out even if it is in the last moment and they always said yes or even when are bored and we decide to visit other people houses without planning in advance. Sometimes when I did not have anything ready for the holidays the only thing I wanted was to stay away from the couch of my house. At least I knew I could count with them in certain occasions.

Recently I had the pleasure to know other kinds such as: the jealous type, the “on and off” friendship, and distance friendship. I have to say I’m not a specialist with names but I hope you can recognise them when I explain the situation.

Jealousy kind of friendship I believe I’m also one of those. At least my three best friends and I are always like that. Sometimes is difficult and almost unbearable to even realise that your friend can always hang out with you, they also need to keep in touch with others but that does not mean that he or she forgets about your existence. You will always have a special place in his heart but you are not the only one. In this case the jealous might cut if you get to know the other friends and then you will see that there is no reason of why even being afraid of losing your friend.

On and off friendship is the one that appears from time to time. But can vanish without further notice. Here in Scotland I get to meet a nice girl who gives wonderful advice about  how to take good care of an African hair and she really does worry about each single step I take because she is helping me to grow my hair. However she is quite moody and one day she acts like the nicest girl in the planet and another day she is acts like a stranger. This makes me angry sometimes because it means I have to rely in her humour if I want to talk to her. But the best situation is to respect and wait until she comes to you. You can also try to talk with the person(I have not tried yet cause I need to know her better).

The other on and off friendship are those that every time they are with their partner they are always unavailable. I hate putting myself in situations when I try to make the other person choose between me and their partner. But I have a friend that always put her partner in first place and they are just dating. Even if I try to send a message when she is with him is like she changes to another person and I honestly not know why. I just have to respect because eventually she will realise that she is jeopardising our friendship. In this case you must have extra patience and extra carefulness when trying to talk to your friend about this.

Lastly there is the distance friendship where you can rely with them despite the distance or even though you do not talk every day. I have some friends that despite being around the world( Portugal, Angola, USA, Mexico) they never forget about me or how we meet. They even created whatsapp groups to keep us in touch with each other. Of course we there are days, weeks or even months without being able to say something but when we do is like nothing has changed. I know I can always count on then with every issue I had and they know they can always rely on me.

Well this have been the different types of friendship I came across until now but I’m still young so I will probably find other types in the future.

Ps- Please share your experiences with me and tell me about any other type of friendship I have not mentioned and you had in your life.


3 thoughts on “How to cope with different types of friendhip

  1. Wow~ You pretty much covered all types of friendships I’ve ever known so far!
    In my life, I’ve ‘coped’, or should I say ‘dealt’ with the jealousy type of friendship the most. It’s bothering me but I’ve learnt that it could be girls’ nature so I try to live with it, otherwise I’d be ending too many ‘friendships’ if you know what I mean!

    What a great topic!

    Vivienne X


    1. 😊😉😅😅I know exactly what you mean and I have to agree with you about that I think is girl’s nature to be jealous I think sometimes we are too competitive.But in those situations having patience is a way of keeping your friendship

      Liked by 1 person

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