Key to win an argument

Hey fellow bloggers have you ever wondered how there are some people who always win discussions without saying a single word? Well is quite simple the only thing you have to do is listening silently to the other person critics and let her talk by herself and wait a couple of moments(maybe one hour or more) until she gets exhausted and then talk. Of course you will win cause you will be the one with the last word…

I’m just saying these for personal experience or am I the only one that this ever crossed to his mind? Is quite surprising how I learn this things from my boyfriend, I mean even if am the one who is right he just let me get tired of talking non-stop and then he attacks. His secret weapon is the first silence and then he strikes with a powerful waves of well planned sentences and then is K.O for me.

I swear I have never met someone like that before. I always was the one with the last and striking word but with him is all the opposite and even when I try to change my tactics and copy his I just can’t control myself.

Have you ever met someone who always win an argument without even talking? Or am I the only one?


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