Real Beauty lies in your imperfection

I mean what is beauty real definition? How do you know when something is beautiful and other thing is ugly? Nowadays society has been worry too much about other people perspectives of beauty. You just have to watch television or even read the news and see for yourself how hard they try to change our opinion of what we think is beautiful to follow their ideas. And unfortunately, sometimes we do and forget about what is really essential.

I would lie if I say that I don’t care about people’s judgment that surround me but at least not the way it was. No one should stop being themselves just to try to seek an image of perfection that is not really there. Even the top models feel insecure about themselves and why? Aren’t they suppose to be full of confident? Well, like us they also have their weakness and try to follow a path where the goal is to reach Perfect Beauty.

Let me tell you something that does not exist I believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Which means all of us have the right to decide. We need to be proud of being who we are always and never let ourselves overcome with sorrow or regret of our figures. No matter our weight, physical appearance, colour or even height the only think that matters is to embrace ourselves and be happier with what we are. Those who are not satisfied they can go because the keepers are those who accepts you not for your virtues but for your flaws.


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