Confessions of a Michael Kors addicted

I never considered myself as a fashion follower, although I always read fashion magazines. I just did it as a way of keeping myself entertain every time I was in the saloon doing my hair or nails. They only had this kind so it was a way of keeping me busy.

But everything changed two years ago when I moved to Scotland for the first time. I met two others girls from my country and they introduced me to the fashion world as a matter of speaking and for the first time I understood why woman love bags, shoes and accessories so much. When I saw for the first time Michael Kors bags,it was love at first sight(literally speaking). Am I too shallow to say this? Am I just a random fashion victim of society?


I have never felt so happy when my boyfriend bought me the first Michael Kors item which was a simple pink handbag with a pair of sunglasses. I use to wear it casually or even in special moments. It was not only the gesture but that it brought  a different kind of fire in me and started my journey to be a Michael Kors follower. Even though is not always possible to buy everything you want cause unfortunately we must use our money wisely when we are not a celebrity. But at least once a month is okay to give yourself a treat with something you wish.

Well I do not know about that but the only thing that I’m certain is that I love most of Michael Kors trends and I’m starting my collection of bags. Every sale they have I just can’t skip,I do not know if is only the style or the texture or maybe the colours but I just know I’m a bit addicted to anything related with Michael Kors. From the simple items like the jewels or sunglasses to the bags and shoes. Maybe is a bit silly of me doing an article about my passion for Michael Kors items but I just had to share with you my fellow bloggers and know if you also have a brand that love so much?


14 thoughts on “Confessions of a Michael Kors addicted

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! The fact you’re a Michael Kors addict like me makes me definitely want to follow haha. Would be awesome if you could follow back and support 🙂

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      1. Defo! I’m still making my way with my collection, so far I’ve got the same bag as yours but in orange, I have a silver watch and a lovely pair of sunglasses 🙂

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  2. You know, I can so relate with you cause even I love reading fashion magazines! As a teen I was more or less like a Tom boy Who just knew the use of eye liner & kohl pencil in the name of makeup! 😁 These bags are truly amazing 👌 Love the post too, also followed your blog:)

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    1. 😊Don’t worry Im pretty sure if you keep cheking the stores there are certain days that you may be able to find them on sales but you can always keep saving money that is what I usually do


  3. Loved reading this post! I love Michael Kors too! It is the brand that really started my obsession with handbags and I just cant get enough! lol. I have three of their purses, two watches and a wallet but every time I walk by the store, I always see something that I have to have! its such a problem 😛 lol


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