Loving Him VS Loving yourself

Hey fellow bloggers today I’m going to write about one of the main dilemmas of most people’s life. Well at least I hope isn’t just me struggling with this. The word love it looks like a simple and vulgar letter but its meaning sometimes can’t  be explained just by words. Loving someone means stop being selfish and start thinking about your partner well-being. It means pushingu ourselves to be more patient, more thoughtful and mainly more honest and loyal than ever. It also means respect these persons flaws and admiring his qualities. When you love someone you can’t stop to dreaming about him even when you are awake and when you are with him you can’t stop yourself from going back to every moment you were together. It means to forgive even when you are still mad. I can keep blubbering non stop about what it means to love someone or at least what we think it does.

However usually we forget about what is beneath this powerful world called love. I have seen a lot of people(including me) struggling when is in a relationship to keep the balance between love and self-love. It seems easy in the beginning but after a while is when we realise that not everything is like it seems. I mean during the first three months or more depending on the person is when we start getting to know how this person behave in a relationship. Usually the moments together are like honey or chocolate and the love quarrels are only a few or maybe there is not even one.

Five months after is when the real challenge begins…Slowly you get to see your partner face and sometimes even wonder,is this really the person I’m willing to spend all my life with? Does this person really has what it takes to support me even in my worst moments?Those are the thoughts that come across our mind and in most of the cases we already know the answer but we try to force ourselves into the point of no return.

What I’m trying to say is that beyond all the feelings that you have towards your partner in the end you have to think beyond all the sweetest moments you have but also in your worst discussions. Okay, I admit it may seem as a pessimistic way of thinking but in fact is a strategy. What purpose is in this strategy? You may ask?  Is quite simples in fact when you are in a heated argument with your partner you have to start paying attention to their behaviour. Does he say bad words?Does he usually hits me? Does he even shows regret when is his mistake?Does he even listen? Does he respects any of my relatives? Does he gets along with at least one of my friends?These important questions we need to ask ourselves over and over before we make a decision that can change our life forever. At least with them you have a few chances of ruining your future.

Believe me I have known people who are stuck in a rut just because they think love is enough. Besides the love we feel towards our partner we can’t never forget about self-love. We need to love ourselves first and demand respect otherwise this is not a real relationship. We need to stop lying ourselves and trying to reach the impossible. Besides taking care of others we need to take care of ourselves because in the end the one who is in risk of having a broken heart is you.


6 thoughts on “Loving Him VS Loving yourself

  1. Love and relationships, one of my fav topics! Well I’ve learnt a lot about Love through my own experiences and others, it will take too long to list all my lessons, but I’ll say: in a relationship love is never ever enough, and time is what shows this…also many people confuse love with lust or borderline obsession, and all in all in r/ships, go with yr heart but use yr head as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you visit again soon!

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    1. You are welcome I will definately stop by again cause you have such an amazing blog👌.
      Exactly,people sometimes confuse love too much some even think they need someone to complete them before completing themselves first.


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