Scottish Culture

Hey my dear bloggers today I’m going to take you to a quiet, friendly and beautiful town (Edinburgh) is the capital of Scotland. As I said in my first post I’m living here temporarily due to a scholarship given by for academic purposes. To celebrate my second year here I decided to show some pictures about it and share my experiences with you.

In the beginning it was hard cause I immediately noticed the contrast between where I was before and the place where I’m living now. I’m from Angola(Africa) so for starters the weather was and still is the thing I hate the most. If you want to visit I’m telling you right away that using an umbrella and a coat is a must. Even in Summer it is practically rare to go out without at least one of them. Now I understand why is a town full of green and stunning landscapes.

When my company handle me the documents and I get to finally se: where I was supposed to go I thought to myself.Isnt Scotland the country of men wearing skirts and famous by its whiskey?Hahaha my first reaction was a mixed of shock and asking myself why have I got such a bad luck? Is not my fair of having these opinion before lets face it usually when people mention the Uk they talk more about England or sometimes Ireland(North) and forget that there are other countries as well such as Wales and Scotland. Therefore it was an adventure being in a place that I heard and knew too little…

During the first week I thought that it would be boring cause I was use to a more energetic, noisier and more crowded environments but then I get to enjoy living here. I mean what is not to like? Scottish people are cheerful and full of energy and they really embrace their origins. They are always willing to show the tourists the high points of their country. They love telling scary stories about the ghosts that surround certain monuments and most of the buildings conserve the old structure from before the nineteen century.


As you can see the street where I’m standing is called Old Town. Like his name this narrow street is more than two centuries old if I’m not mistaken. I’m not very good with dates but I know that they decided to keep the structure to enhance his ancient origins.

IMG_20150726_5 This whole area is located in the heart of the city when you can find most of the entertainment around such as stores, restaurants, night clubs, etc. The bigger building is called Scottish Monument and you can go there and watch the town from the top. But beware of the stairs, because it has 60 m of height there are plenty and the more you climb then the narrower they get. But once you get there you wont regret of the magnificent sight.


Well what can I say at least I had to show you the guy with the skirt(heheheh) Is called Kilt and is part of its cultural history and as you can see the men using it with the famous bagpipe. They became so popular that next month will have the famous Festival.When people around the world gather and play this instrument in the Castle and even the royal family does not miss this important even.

IMG_20150726_3 Well I just had to show you the view from the town when is sunny. I know it seems weird but for me those are rare moments cause is such a rainy town so even a small opportunity to enjoy the sun I just can’t skip. This hill when I’m standing is called Calton Hill you can appreciate the beauty of the city.


Lastly I could not forget to show you the famous beach called Portobello where you have a splendid view of the ocean and its waves.And in the big hill in the top is surrounded by five starts hotels where mostly families, couples and nature lovers can stay there to embrace the city with its more romantic and mesmerizing sight.

Well I just had to show you at least a bit of the place where I am and I hope you can come here and visit and least once but please bring your coats and an umbrella cause with this changeable weather you can even get to see snow in the Spring…


21 thoughts on “Scottish Culture

  1. Nice written, Debbie! And the photos are stunning! There is such a pleasant feel to living in an unknown country, discovery new sides to it; even if one doesn’t usually like it! 😀 Do put up more such posts! 🙂

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    1. Im quite happy that you really love it.😊Indeed is such an adventure being in an uknown country with plenty of places to explore and embrace.Now that I’m in holidays I will definately visit other places and took some pictures.

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    2. Thanks so much Hannah I’m happy that you like the pictures. Indeed being in an unknown place is really thrilling the feeling of exploring new places. I will make sure to post more pictures now that I’m in holidays I will visit more of it.

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  2. Glad you are enjoying my country. It’s amazing to see someone writing something so positive. I totally agree with you we do have terrible weather though… and Edinburgh is just amazing!. What uni do you attend in Edinburgh? what other places have you visited in Scotland?.
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog it means a lot! 🙂
    God bless!


    1. Is always good to meet someone from the same country☺.Such a coincidence indeed.Well Im waiting for my results if I’m going to stick around Edinburgh or change city.I have finnished college.I have been to Glasgow,Dundee and Aberdeen but I want to visit the Highlands especially now in the Summer.What about you?Which Uni you attend?

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      1. Wow!! that’s amazing, you have been almost everywhere. I’m currently studying at Glasgow Caledonian University, it’s in the middle of the city of Glasgow which makes it handy to get to. I haven’t visited as many places as I want to because of Uni and work obviously, but I love occasional day trips. When I graduate I definitely want to travel a lot, everywhere!.

        It’s so lovely speaking to you, we definitely have a ton in common 🙂

        P.s I’m sure you will get positive results regarding your studies.

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      2. Thanks so much for the support,I have heard about Glasgow Caledonian is really good ,I have friends who might end up there as well. Do not worry right now the priority is to graduate you still have lots of time to visit many places. Is always good to know someone that studies in the same country than you. I ocassionally go to Glasgow for shopping cause around Edinburgh there is only a few options. Which course are you taking?


  3. It has always been a dream to visit Scotland. And though I got real close to doing it back in 2011 when I was in London – I couldn’t really make it due to busy University Schedules. But , thank you so much for taking me on a mini-trip to through your beautiful posts 🙂 Loved it ! And thanks again for prompting me to drop by – Will most definitely be a regular on this one 🙂 Happy Blogging !

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    1. Your welcome I will keep stopping by your blog.Your posts are really good. I’m glad you enjoyed the mini trip and I have to say for next time Scotland should be a must on your holidays list I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it

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