Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hello my dear bloggers

I’m so happy cause I have been nominated for my first award. I’m truly grateful that you are enjoining my posts. So I want to give a big thank to the person responsible for it that is Emmacharlottebeauty and I truly appreciate it. Go check her blog out cause you will not regret it.

So the Rules are:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer ten questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  • Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer

Emma’s questions are:

1. What do you prefer: bronzer or blusher?

Definitely blusher I like making my cheeks a bit colourful not too much but just with the right touch.

2. When you go out – what drink are you most likely to order?

Well it depends with whom I go out.If is with my family I usually drink Coca-Cola.I know people say is not healthy but is just in few occasions.When I’m with my friends I usually order for a cocktail especially a Sex on the Beach.

3. If you won the lottery, would you still buy some low end makeup products?

Of course I would I can still save up the money to go around the world and exploring new countries. Even though they are low end makeup products some of them are still good and I’m already use to them such as Maybelline(mascaras) or L’Oreal fabulous lip gloss.

4. Which jewelry items do you mainly wear?

I can live my house without a watch(be aware of the hours), a pair of earrings(since I was a little girl my parents taught me a girl should never go out without them) and a bracelet(to give some shine to my day)

5. Whats your favourite hairstyle at the moment?

I’m using a long hair weave to give rest to my natural hair due to the rainy weather that we have in my country.

6. How often do you buy makeup: Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

Usually weekly cause I’m always searching for new lipsticks(different colours and shape) and also to buy nail polish.

7. Would you rather go out with just your makeup done or just your hair done?

Ahahahaha that is quite a though one but if I had to choose I would say hair done I can always go to Superdrug or Boots and use the products when nobody is looking.

8. Eye shadow pencil or powder?

Eye shadow of course I usually do not use powder.

9. Have you got any piercings or tattoos?

Not yet, I was going to but I have not got enough guts to do one. I’m scared of needles.

10. What do you prefer: Trashy TV (TOWIE etc) or soaps?

I’m completely obsessed for soaps especially Latin-American for me those are the best kind. The clothes, their behaviour it just remind me when I use to live in Cuba when I was a child.

The bloggers I nominate are







Little Rant



Marta Frant

My questions are:

1- What inspire you to become a blogger?

2- An item you never forget to bring along with you?

3- Favourite type of food?

4- Favourite type of movie?

5- Are you able to go out without using any makeup?Why?

6- Which topics makes you follow a blog?

7- Who is the person you most admire?Why?

8- Getting old or being immortal?

9- Favourite musical instrument?

10- Something you can’t live without?

I’m looking forward for reading your answers and if you are not able to answer me back I would understand.


19 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Great answers sweetie!!! I agree with you on not leaving the house with out a watch. I always need to know what time it is! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to your future posts! 😉

    I invite you to check my latest post: “How to Save Money Today”. Please feel free to share with family and friends about my life coaching blog! I am trying to spread the word about living a happier and balanced life and I would love if you were part of it! Thanks love! ❤

    Diana Bryant

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vivienne😊 and Im very glad you enjoyed reading the answers.I bet if you try that cocktail you will really become a fan like me🙌.One of its main ingredients is a mixture of peach and orange.

      Liked by 1 person

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