When Friendship is not enough…

Hey fellow bloggers today I found myself feeling nostalgic about the past and the people who use to be regularly with me. Have you found yourselves wondering about why sometimes change can be so cruel? Now I can relate with this old quote:


Every day that I’m here far from my relatives and my best friends I keep remembering these words.

Years ago I met three people who changed my life forever and showed me the meaning of true friendship. They were people with whom I share all my deepest secrets, my sorrows, my happiness there was not a single moment where they were not present in it. From the moment we met in elementary school we never fell apart. We had plenty of adventures, crazy moments, heated discussions but our friendship was above our differences. We were four which means that even when two are mad at each other, the other two did everything in their power to restore the peace and focus about forgiveness instead.

Unfortunately once we started University and I get to study abroad is when what we had fell apart. Maybe the destiny wanted to test our friendship and we let our pride and misunderstanding take the best of all. But seeing how the years we were together are now only part of my memory is what it hurts the most. Although they are still the same with me, two of them can’t even bear each other presence. And why? There is not even a strong reason for that and sometimes is too painful for me to look at the pictures and videos that we share or thinking about the promises that we made. Sometimes I so feel responsible that maybe if I had not travel we would still be those four girls who stick together no matter what.

They were always so essential in my life that I was so convinced that our mutual friendship would last until we were seniors and that our families would deal with each other constantly.Now I’m not even sure of what the future holds for us anymore. If there still even a single chance that things will change for the better or that it will be stuck in this point of no return.

Now I got nothing less except sweet memories, pictures and videos who makes me want to go back and change what we did wrong that managed to finish such a strong union. Now I’m asking you have you ever felt this way before? I wonder what did you do to try to stop feeling so sad about it?


6 thoughts on “When Friendship is not enough…

  1. Awwwhh.. What an emotional post sweetie! Time does change priorities & people too. Let’s just welcome that change,on the bright side.. You’ve got beautiful memories of the happy times.
    I hope you get more such beautiful memories,to create with other people.

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    1. You are so right Noorainsobiya I will start seeing the bright side and embrace this changes because we can always create new and nicest memories with other people☺


  2. I think everyone goes through this. I lost touch with most of my best friends when i went to university because we changed as people. I knew what direction i wanted my life to go in and they chose a different direction which i found hard to be around. We’ve recently started talking again – not like we used to – but hopefully this will give you hope 🙂 You’ll make me friendships with the same meaning along the way though! 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the world bloggers – https://emmacharlottebeauty.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers/

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    1. Thanks so much for the nomination sweetie I will go right away see how does it work😊.Is the first time I have ever been nominated.
      Who knows only time will say if everything can be as it use to.The good side is that you have started talking so is already a big step.So this makes me believe there is still hope for us as well🙏😄

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