Being Grateful

I suppose sometimes is easier to complain than to be grateful about the little things that you have even if is not much.Nowadays society brings more its focus in material desires and not altruistic actions. Of course is not a sin wanting to be rich or wanting to be famous but when we become all depressed and being angry because we did not fulfil our wishes is just a self-centred behaviour. I mean what about thinking about something more?

Today I went for a walk to see the Sunset in the Portobello Beach and that is when my thoughts came and I start thinking that instead of complaining about what I don’t have,I should be grateful to God about what he gave me.

That is why I wanted to do a post saying that I do not need to be wealthy in money when I’m know I’m wealthy in relatives and people who love me and they are always there to hold my hand in the worst situations, when they give me advice or even let me know when I’m doing something wrong. I do not have 100 friends but the few that I have are keepers after all it does not matter the amount only the quality.I’m truly grateful for having the opportunity of studying in a foreign country I mean among 5000 other participants I was one of the 500 who were chosen. If this is not enough motive to be grateful I do not know what other could it be?

Besides as long as I have faith in God, in myself even when life show is worst side I wont lose hope and positivism that most of the things can always have a solution.


13 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. Its always good to have a reality check now and then. In this social media world of ‘look what i’ve got, its better than yours’, its easy to fall victim to selart f doubt, envy….but that does not make things any easier for us…a friend once told me that everyday I should say out loud 5 things I’m thankful for….maybe I should start this…

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