Day Dreaming about a cruise

Hey fellow blogger, today I travelled to another city just to visit my friend and during the trip I get to see something that caught my attention. Is not very common to see a cruise among the Scotland waters. I mean why? I just thought they only were among waters where you could actually enjoy the hot weather. Probably around the Caribbean  or among the Meditarrean. Who knows?Maybe even around Italy or even Spain,but never around Scotland waters. I think I’m getting out of topic right now, what I wanted to say was that when I saw the cruise from the distance I got myself hopping to go someday there and wondering about it.

Can you guys imagine being in a cruise with that size?What kind of activities it might have? The first thing I would do is to make sure I don’t look down(into the water).I get nauseous easily so I would like to avoid any bad luck especially if I am with my partner. Then I would explore every place of the boat, the entertainment area, go to the pool, see the little stores(take some souvenirs) and of course I would take a lot of pictures of the breath-taking scenarios cause a moment like that I would make sure to never forget.

As for you my dear bloggers,have you ever got yourself day dreaming about something you have seen?


7 thoughts on “Day Dreaming about a cruise

  1. What a great shot! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but with my horrible morning sickness…I don’t think I could handle it. But from what my friends have told me, cruises can be pretty spectacular 🙂

    xo, Jackie

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    1. Ahahahahah do not worry you are not the only one.I have would like to be in at least one just as an adventure.If in the plane I can’t even eat due to my air sickness I can just hope that in the cruise it would be different.😅


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