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Hey my dear bloggers I just have to say that these few weeks with you were full of excitement, joy, and mostly gratitude. I don’t even have enough words to thank you for taking a little time just to stop by my blog and read my posts especially your comments is what I cherish the most. When I started for the first time I must confess that I what inspired me was the fact that I wanted to share my daily life experience and thoughts and also as a way of a hobby to keep me busy while being in holidays.

I really appreciate you and I must also add that I’m having loads of fun reading through other posts with so many topics that catch my attention and feel happy towards their writing. I have to give a huge thanks to Whimsical90 who I recently got to know. She is a very nice and cheerful person who always came up with original and interesting topics. She nominated me for the three awards which are Startlight Blogguer, Sunshine Award and finally Dragon Loyalty Award. As far as Imp concern I will always try my best to make sure you do not get bored with my topics cause I’m aware that sometimes even the best writer can experience a blank and lose its inspiration.

Well for the questions

1- How you define life?

That is a difficult question but as an example I would really choose a rollercoaster.Life is full of ups and downs but only you as the passenger are the one who needs to know how to enjoy the ride. At least for me I love rollercoasters but the part when I am a little afraid is when it pass through some obstacles and while you are sit it seems that they are going to hit your head but when they Finnish you see that you are still alive.What I’m trying to say is that life is full of surprises and some may not turn as we expected.

2- Emotions-How do they guide an existence?

Well for me without them we are empty inside. That is what makes human being able to feel joy, anger, sadness, love, hate, disgust and above all of those conscience. Is impossible to feel conscience without a single emotion. They contribute to the decision we make and to live in society. Even those who call themselves emotionless they also have at least one, the difference is that they are afraid of showing their feelings.

3-Do you believe in Destiny?

Honestly Not anymore, I believe we make our own destiny. Our faith, our decisions is what truly contributes to any consequence either good or bad that we might had in the future. I mean life sometimes make people meet each other in the most surprising ways but is the person’s option to whether they continue their relationship or prefer to follow a different path.


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