Going back to old memories( Cuba)

Hey fellow bloggers today I talk to my old friend from Cuba who is currently living in Usa. When we talked, we remembered when we saw  each other for the last time and that was in Cuba in 2011. At that time I did was not living in Scotland and she never imagined she would ever be living in Miami. I went there for the holidays and I still got some of the old photos from last time. Amazingly,a friend of mine who is in Mexico  went there last week to see his mother and the place has not changed even a bit. Not wanting to go over act pessimistically right now but Cuba is a country which a natural beauty and potential for growth unfortunately is always stuck in time. I mean the structure is practically the same than was 10 years ago,however its economy is decreasing sharply. I just think is kind of sad at least for me that lived there during nine years and each holidays I see people struggling to have a decent life while others want to live their country. I even found out of a girl that was in the same elementary school than me that  has a questionable way of living( is quite hard for me to enter in details) but all I can say is I can’t judge cause I’m not the one who is struggling to survive through the day.

Now I will show you some pictures that can describe a little bit of the country in particular its main city(Havana)


This main building is called Capitolio and its located in the heart of Havana. This building was the seat of government in Cuba until after the Revolution. Now is an Academy of Sciences. Is one of the oldest buildings in the city and also one of the main touristic attractions in the country. I have only been inside once when I was around 8 unfortunately I can’t remember how it was.


This picture represents one of my best childhood moments of all the time. In Spanish is called El Malecon because is a broad roadway and seawall which can stretch along the Coast of Havana. I remember plenty of stories from there such as when I went with my old friends to give a walk and even took pictures in some of the wide range of statues that it has. Sometimes in elementary school we had excursion with the school and we went with the teacher to join in some competitions that included dance, poetry and even theatre.

What I love around that area is that near there is a place called Copelia when you can have the best ice creams from any flavour you want. At least until now I have not tasted one better than the one they sell there. This brand it really have an excellent quality and my friends and I use to save up money just to go there, the flavour is really unique.


This image is in Old Habana itself where the yellow blue and yellow house was where Jose Marti a patriotic Cuban martyr used to live. He spent all his childhood until his early adult years living there before going to war and fighting from the independence. This area is surrounded by other museums such as the Museum of Chocolate(extra tempting especially if you are on a diet), Museum of Antiquity where you can see from the oldest phones till the oldest weapons used in Cuban History. There is also plenty of stores cause is on of the main touristic points. I myself, recommend you going there especially if you are going for the first time.Besides they also have an Observatory nearby when you can watch the city from above is really an unforgettable view.


Lastly but not least, Cuba is also known for the beautiful and cleanest beaches. This places was in Melia Cohiba is the name of a private hotel that is near the beach besides having its own swimming pool. I love spending my holidays there is a paradise where you won’t have any complaining. Compare to most of the city this hotel is one of the most recent developments as a welcome for those who are looking for special holidays. Even some famous artists like Rhianna went there to relax peacefully away from its usual crowd.


19 thoughts on “Going back to old memories( Cuba)

  1. Great pictures.., my favourite one is the last one by the sea.
    Cuba has always been one of the places I’d love to visit, not so much for the cigar 😀 , but to see the architectures and old cars…
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory of yours!

    Viv X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha the cigar is everywhere I just do not get what people find attractive about them.If you go I’m pretty sure it will be a trip where you will leave with plenty of wonderful memories.😊Glad that you enjoyed the memories


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