Finally I get to enter at University

Hey fellow bloggers these past few days have been quite stressful with a lot of anxiety and nervous towards my University results. But, at last I manage to enter in Aberdeen University. Is in Scotland as well but in the North. As you can see the structure of the place is antique and looks like a Castle, that is because is one of the oldest Universities in the Uk. I have to confess that at night it kind of remind me some horror fantasy movies, but at the same time it intrigues me what kind of mysteries and stories holds?

I’m quite excited for this opportunity but at the same time a bit sad. I mean I have been here for two years already and know this like the palm of my hand literally. I also get to make new friends along the way either at college or even in the gym. Is quite sad saying goodbye to those marvellous moments and prepare to live in a new place.

Although is not to new for me cause I have been there a couple of times due to my boyfriend that lives there.At least now we will be in the same place but different universities. For me the real challenge is not the city but the status. University is an important step that will define entirely our future and brings several obstacles where we have to put all our effort to overcome them.


18 thoughts on “Finally I get to enter at University

  1. Congrats and best of luck in this new journey of your life and I’ll pass on what a mentor told me, ‘Dont only go through your university, let your university go though you’! Ps reaaallly savour those friendships, its the last stages of life when you’ll have so much time to devote to them/friends….after uni comes jobs, husband, kids… you know the drill!

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    1. Thanks so much for the advice, your mentor seems to be really wise. I’m going to savour each moment of this experience so that I do not have any regrets in the future.


  2. Congrats! I love your blogging style. You really seem to talk to your readers and I love that! Your blog appearance is very organized and has everything viewers and readers need to find their way around your blog! Great job and Good luck!

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