Bye Bye Edinburgh

Hey dear bloggers today was a quite exciting and sad day due to my journey. I had to go back to my country due to the visa renewal,unfortunately when I go back I will go straight to Aberdeen. Which means no more Edinburgh,no more walks around Princess Street or Picnic near the Botanic Centre. Despite the weather I became so attached to this city that I was kind of use to its rainy days.At least I’m use being at home almost every day just waiting for the Sun arrival but then I though ” If I follow this idea I would be spending the rest of my days in my room”…

That is when I decided to buy an umbrella and just go out and have fun. Well let me tell you the umbrella was not such a good idea.No matter the price every time I had one the wind make it so difficult for me to walk with it and sometimes it opened by herself or did not close enough. My umbrella times were just a disaster…So I just prefered to stick with a cap and until now I only have that to protect me. I feel safer and is more comfortable to have around.

Then I just start exploring the city and go out despite the rain.Nothing could stop me as long as I had a cap with me. I won’t forget my adventures with my friends,window shopping around Princess Street or  just hanging around the Old Town  in the Festival Times and watching the entertainers do their tricks. For example:


For the last day I decided to stop in the Pier and just enjoy the sunny weather for exchange.I was with a friend that I recently met at the gym.Sometimes destiny is a bit harsh I mean I just get to know her and have one company instead of being in the gym classes by myself and now I have to go. At least I hope that distance won’t be an excuse to stop talking with each other.


Lastly we decided to have some cocktails to make a toast for this challenge I’m going to face called “University life”. We talked a lot and finished the night going from pub to pub to appreciate some songs until we decide to stick into one that they were giving free “salsa classes” . I’m glad I could spend my last day enjoying at most the city and even better when I have the company of such a nice friend.



7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Edinburgh

  1. I really like that picture of you by the lake(?)/river(?)!
    Well, you sure said “good bye” to Edinburgh in style. One chapter ends so a new one can start!
    It makes me laugh that you finally gave in and bought an umbrella but due to the wind, it’s still hard to manage…, what can you do with UK weather?!!!
    All the best to you for a new page in life!

    Vivienne X


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