Arriving in Luanda(Angola)

Hello my dear bloggers know Im writing directly from my hometown (Luanda) the capital of my country Angola. I never talked about my country and why is that? Well I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to show you a bit of my city Wonders. Okay, it does not compare to the UK but we are developing and each year they have new structures to show.

First of all when I arrived at the airport I was completely tired I mean, it was an 8 hour flight. Maybe is just in my case but for me I only feel nausea when I’m in the plane especially when we are passing through all the turbulence. Also the smell and the plane food is just too much for me. I just can’t go without some pills to avoid it otherwise the people who sit next to me will suffer… The best part was when I arrived at home and sleep a bit to recover my energies.

The first day was just staying at home and receiving the visit of the family, it was truly a warm welcoming. Who does not like to spend the lost times with his relatives after six months? I could not believe how long cause we talked regularly by phone, but personally is not the same…

Then I called my friends to let them know that I was here and we already combine some new programs to do such as going out to the cinema, park, or just visiting each other. I’m just quite glad I had this golden opportunity of being here and get to see all the people who I love the most.


10 thoughts on “Arriving in Luanda(Angola)

  1. Yay! You’re back home! Ps I feel you about your travel woes, I’ve been travelling for years, but some how as I’ve got older, I’ve become less able to deal with the long journeys…looking forward to seeing some pics of Angola. Lagos is the same, there is a lot more work to be done but each time I come back there are little improvements here and there…Hope you have a great stay!

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    1. Is true finally Iam finally relaxing at home after so many months. The only benefit about travelling is when you arrive cause being in the plane can be quite stressing. Thanks while I am here I’m going to make this stay unforgettable


    1. In the beginning everything is familiar but at the same time I get to notice a lot of changes especially in the streets is getting more modern.Hahha I even got lost trying to find my friend house.


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