Spending the most interesting holidays

These past few days I never realise how much I truly missed my country. Hardly did I spend the day at home. I was enjoying the few weeks that I had to divide myself between the company of my relatives and friends.

Being the only one in holidays sometimes can be hard cause you have to depend in other’s busy schedule.But at least during the afternoon my friends and I use are together just talking and telling each other about how much our lives have changed. It may seem that our relationship has not changed but deep down I know is not true. In my article about Friendship I explain how I get to know the meaning of true friendship with other three girls that I met at elementary school. However,recently a misunderstanding happened the between two of them and now they do not talk with each other. Although with me and the other girl things remained the same, I can’t stop wondering if forgiveness will come to their heart instead of proud ness and mistrust? They can even be in the same place or even pretend being nice with each other and in every meetings we had to be only three instead of four and sometimes is hard to plan certain activities. I can’t stop thinking how long this situation will continue?

During the weekends I visit my grandparents or my uncles to keep them updates about my daily life in the Uk. I’m so happy that almost all the family is complete cause like me other cousins were studying abroad as well. Unfortunately I’m one of the youngest so in the next years I will be remaining and just waiting till I finish. Studying abroad has its perks but also its disadvantages and I’m not talking only about not being able to visit them constantly but also missing some important events such as engagements, weddings or welcoming a nephew . The hardest part is watching the photos and watching how much fun they are having and what are you really losing.


Last Sunday I went to church to visit a cousin that I have not seen since 2012. The thing is she is preparing herself to be a nun but not the active type but those who only stay in the convent. It was her 25th birthday and even though they do not celebrate ,his time they made an exception due to the family visit. in the beginning when she decided she wanted to follow this path I just could not understand why she would want to give up of so much, but when you get older you learn that you have to respect other’s decision as long as they are happy.


4 thoughts on “Spending the most interesting holidays

  1. Wow, your post really struck a personal nerve with me. I used to be in a strong girl group, we were school friends, knew each other for about 20 yrs. But I dont talk to the other girl anymore, but my other girl friends do. On my part, I did try and forgive her and reached out to sort things out but she did not want to. And that causes a little complications in the group. Actually tonight, I am inviting one of the girls in group for supper to catch up and talk about this issue…
    As for your friend who wants to be a nun, yes, I am like you, I would find this choice of path very confusing for a girl in this day and age, but we have to respect our friends choices…

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    1. Indeed we have to respect other people’s choices even if you do not find their idea quite appealing. Is quite complicated I mean even after 20 years she did not wanted to forgive: kind of similar with my friends is not easy being in the middle trying to make them reconcile with each other, only time can heal certain issues. I hope in your case she find kindness in her heart and realise that sometimes pride can prejudice a true friendship

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