Web of Lies

Hey fellow bloggers has been several days since the last time I wrote to you…Is not easy here with the bad connection and being busy trying to have the necessary documents for my visa renewal. Now that I went to the UK embassy the last and more difficult part is to wait. I’m just worried cause with these new rules and with the day that I start the passport is going to take long until goes out. But what can I do??

Well today I’m going to talk about lies. Exactly, this little word that causes such a big impact in our lives. I would like to know why people lie. Sometimes is easy just hiding the truth and pretend that you are protecting the person but deep down you are just protecting yourself. And why is that? You say to yourself is a white lie and it won’t do any harm but I wonder…If you really are this person true friend why can you just be real to them and tell them your thoughts instead of making them believe in something that is not? Wouldn’t be worst if this person find by someone whose intentions are no good at all?

I would lie to you if I say I have never done this but I realise from my own experiences that even if it seems quite hard in the beginning in the end you will feel relieved if you are honest to yourself and to others. But then again being honest does not mean being mean. I do not why people misunderstood the definition of let what is in your mind with saying hurtful words that you think that will help…

Even worse than lying to someone for your own advantage is when you do it just for the purpose of hurting her. Nowadays lies are like the bread we eat every day and we don’t realise how. There are lies caused by envy, vanity, ambition, passion, pleasure of gossip, hate, etc…So many reasons to create one but when we want to find the solution to escape from one we don’t have idea what steps should we take first. Recently I learned that one little lie can create a web and with these you can find yourself easily trap and maybe caught others in your own issues. What I am trying to say is do not make excuses to protect a lie, for the contrary be sincere but thoughtful and never hide your own thoughts.


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