University a parallel Universe

Hey fellow bloggers I know I have vannish completely from the face of the Earth.But everything has a reason and mine is University.

I knew from the start that Uni was going to be a challenge, a discovery of what is the purpose of your life.I mean now that Im in I realise how dinamic and tiring can be.Sometimes I think I live in a paralell Universe where I’m not myself anymore.Usually I had at least time to read a fantasy or mistery books all nights before I go to sleep.But now between projects,workshops,presentations life has become more hectic and dynamic than before.

Now I realise how crucial is to be organised and the function of time management.I mean besided Uni you also must arrange some free time to talk with your friends and relatives and if you are in a relathionship you also need time to give attention to your partner.Depending on the time you leave classes you only have time to eat and study a bit.You have to say goodbye to social life at least for now when you are in first year especially engineering.

But for me all these issues only serve to show me how different is being a university student and that here you need to be not only positive but only determined to archieve your goals.


9 thoughts on “University a parallel Universe

  1. I totally hear you! Although my reason behind why I had to reduce my social media net working time/hours is not university; it’s – LIFE! Time management is the key to keep study/social/self ‘me time’ balanced; I’m sure that you will get better with it.

    Enjoy being a university student! Make the most of it!!

    Vivienne X

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