Is it giving up really the answer?

Hi my dear bloggers I missed you so much and I apologise for being too long since the last time I gave news Is so hard to balance university life with your hobbies,especially during first year because is the one in which you must learn on how to adapt to these whole new environment.At least for the holidays I got a break for all of that so Im back for now…

Today Im going to talk about a topic that is in my mind and Im almost certain at least each one of you had had these doubts at least once in life. Is so easy to give advices to others but so hard when you are the one who is being challenged. No one said falling in love was easier but I do believe conpletely the opposite.I mean the real obstacle lies in how you teach your heart to stop?When is the right moment to give up?I have never considered myself to be romantic until now…Is true that sometimes we must to be patience and comprehensible but for how long?I mean when you truly want to pursuit a future together you must fight but even the most stronger warriors can loose a battle?I just wonder sometimes is it really worth it to feel so neglected most of the times and make the word love an excuse?Maybe time will show me if this person wants to keep fighting by my side or that we may lead to separate ways….

Have you ever experienced something like that?Or am I being too emotional?It would  be so simple to have one a life remote when you can just put pause or delete something that is no longer right and you can just correct it.But if that would have been possible people would have never said that sometimes loving someone hurts…


One thought on “Is it giving up really the answer?

  1. Good to have you back hon- HAPPY NEW YEAR! And no, you dont sound emotional, you just sound like you are going through something and have a lot of questions. What do I know about love? Well enough to know that it shouldnt hurt and that both parties need to fight for it. Also when you fall for someone fall with your heart And head.
    Its the right time to give up, when its clear the person you want does not want the same things you want…
    Hope whoever this person is deserves you!
    Ps when you have a moment check out my new fashion tv show, I’d love your opinion:


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