2016 Farewell

Hey my fellow bloguers too much has happened since the last few months I talked to you.Is just so difficult to keep track of time while being at Uni,especially while you are doing Engineering.But this new upcoming year one of my resolutions will be to get to know you better by reading through your coments.

Well…what to say about 2016?I do not even know where to start but if I had to choose a word to describe this year for me  it would be tactless. In the beginning it just seemed wonderful but after some events made reveal the real colours.I would not be honest if I say everything was black and white,but unfortunately most of things were.The good side of all this is just like the quote said….A new morning and a new beginning and that is my expectative of 2017 at least I really hope this new beginning can bring emotional fullfillment,joy, health and most of all happiness.

However this year taught me three important lessons such as :

  • Losing someone you love and raised you can alter your life forever- The thoughest thing I had to endure was the pain of losing my grandfather.Even though it was due to natural causes(Alzeihmer due to age) sometimes I just cant adapt is like there is a hole in my heart that no one else ca n fit in…


  • Even when you try till the end changing who you are will never please other people completely- Sometimes in friendship and love even if you make the best effort to try to please those you love by changing your personality and trying to be someone else this will never meet their expectatives.Because in the beginning they were near you because of who you were. Those who really love you they will help you through your mistakes not by forcing you into turn in someone else..


  • Doubts kills more dreams that failure ever did- Just the fear of making  a complete fool of yourself can make you lose an  opportunity of a lifetime. This one is easier said than done but now I realised that positiveness is one of the most essential ingredients to suceed in life.
I just hope to read sth from you.What did you learn in this year and what are your future plans for the upcoming year?




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